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How to Clean and Care for Your Sex Toys...

Here’s how to clean your sex toys before and after you use them.

Cleaning each of your sex toys properly is just as important as cleaning them regularly. If you don’t, you are risking eroding a toy’s material, warping its shape, or breaking any battery-operated functions it may have.

Mild hand or dish soap—as long as it’s unscented or does not leave a residue on your toys.

If your toy vibrates, wipe it down with a warm, damp, soap washcloth. If it doesn’t vibrate or is waterproof, run the toy under warm water and clean it with a soapy washcloth.

No matter how you wash your toy, double-check that it’s dry before storing it.

You can also use condoms (especially if you’re sharing toys).

And yes, how you store your sex toys matters. You can use.... 

A satin sack

Plastic container

Original packaging