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How to Bring Sex Toys Into the Bedroom Without It Being the Most Awkward...

You have your trusty vibrator, the one that always gets the job done when on the self-love train. Have you considered introducing your favorite toy to your partner? For most women, external clitoral stimulation is needed in order to have an orgasm, and that's not always a given during sex. Sex toys are designed to bridge the gap between what we get from sex and what we want from sex but aren’t getting. They are the helping hand you need. (In addition to, you know, your hand.) It seems like they would the natural addition to your sex life.

But it can be hard to introduce sex toys into the bedroom for the first time. You’re not the only one nervous about taking your sex toys across the border from Solotown to the Land of Let’s Get It On.

Sex toys are in many ways the final bedroom taboo. As a sex educator and coach, I can personally attest that people are still intimidated  by them.


1. Tbh, this might be a super awkward thing to discuss, so prepare yourself for the awkwardness.

2. Offer to go shopping together, but be ready to go alone.

3. Don’t pick some enormous, phallic monster dildo.

4. Focus on pleasurable exploration.

5. Have fun!